Your Life. Your Degree — April Cut

The latest cut of our ongoing TV spot, “Your Life. Your Degree” hits the screen.  With the release of its latest cutthe April cut, Millyard Creative honors the original creative vision by utilizing previously unused footage. This new spot finds another way to deliver the message that SNHU provides education that works with your life, […]

Millyard Creative Produces Video for MA Comm Degree Program

In support of the new MA in Communications program, MYC created an animated video detailing the requirements for the 12-course program using graphics and text with voiceover by MYC’s own Seth Odell. [vph:b2_4ty_aYmQ:SNHU MA Comm Program Launch]  

Millyard on the Road: Historical Moment as SNHU Shoots Upcoming Commercial at the Alamo

Millyard Creative took to the road this past month for production of SNHU’s newest television commercial. Traveling from coast to coast over 15 days, the new TV spot aims to demonstrate SNHU’s reach, while highlighting the empowering experiences provided to students through access to affordable and flexible educational opportunities. Along the way, production made a […]

Halki Summit on Global Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability Webpage

Scott Chamberlain, Millyard Creative’s Marketing and Production Associate, visited Turkey in June as part of the onsite SNHU student team at the Halki Summit. The summit, which was co-sponsored by The Ecumenical Patriarchate and Southern New Hampshire University, was a conversation about environment, ethics and innovation with sessions on biodiversity and conservation, energy and climate change, and […]

SNHU English & Creative Writing Infographic

Millyard Creative developed a series of infographics for our clients, who wanted something to illustrate degree program course listings. Above is the MA in English & Creative Writing curriculum infographic. MC will launch more in the coming weeks.  

Outside Millyard – Big Shot UPDATE

[vph:_lTZbiqoimU:Big Shot Trailer] Steve Jacobs, video editor for Millyard Creative, is gearing up for his film “Big Shot” to appear at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival this Friday. Over the past week, he has worked on a trailer that will appear just before the screening. To learn more about the film visit the Big Shot website or […]